World Wide Traffic

Gain traffic at a massive scale from world-leading ad networks & affiliates. API / S2S integration supported, driving mobile transactions on CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS basis.

Data-driven AI Algorithm

Offer and traffic types have been labelled and tracked. With deeper insight into both advertisers and publishers, we can make proactive changes to your digital advertising strategies.

Responsive Optimization

Responsive optimization engine will use historical advertising data to improve campaign performance. Use efficient machine learning algorithms minimize cost and maximize ROI.

Demeter created a performance advertising ecosystem that unites traffic buyers & sellers, getting them greater control of their investments and inventory. The platform itself is built by network for networks & affiliates and uses a variable CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS model with proprietary algorithms. Through Deep Data Mining and Reinforcement Learning technology, Demeter can smart matching the campaign needs with right traffic sources, increase the transparency and maximize ROI.


Smart Mapping System

Demeter smart Mapping System is continuously self-regulating and is highly successful. It could apply statistical, artificial intelligence and data mining techniques to the problem of making suitable recommendation for both traffic buyer and traffic seller. This mapping system can be utilized to either predict where a specific offer will suitable for specific traffic or to recognize a set of traffic types that would be of certain offer needs.

Operation Mechanism

Youmi operation system can input, serve, target, optimize, manage, and report on the performance and traffic of mobile ads. We will never leave the fate of campaign to chance. Our automatic operating mechanism is a better and more intelligent approach to a scalable advertising process. Meanwhile, our Ops team will always closely monitor the ads to ensure the smooth delivery of the campaign

Ad Link Checks

2.5 Million / day

Ad Request

8000 clicks/s

Revenue for Publishers

1.5 Million / month






Demeter has gathered the most influential advertisers, networks, programmatic advertising companies as well as affiliates all around the world. Join us and start to win your mobile performance advertising business!

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