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Premium User Acquisition At Scale


In China, media giants penetrate every part of people’s life. We partner up with a multitude of these core and derivative media. We provide programmatic advertising that is proven to be able to enlarge greatly user scale. We also work directly with media providing high LTV users. We will help you increase the number of active, returning users and make your business successful.

Get Your App Noticed


With hundreds of thousands of apps battling for visibility in Chinese fragmented app stores, getting your apps discovered becomes one of the biggest issues. We provide a complete analysis of your app store presence and your product features to find the most suitable way for increasing app visibility in search results on app store, drive you more organic downloads.

Foster Brand Awareness


Nowadays, social media becomes a new traffic hub. Due to the undeniable impact of influencers on relationship-centric social media, particularly in China, connecting with target customers via key influencers becomes a crucial piece of the mobile marketing puzzle to scale social media reach and build your brand's online reputation.

With years of experiences in influencer marketing, we have built a trusted in-house & third-party KOLs Matrix across all industries and niche markets.


Marketing Data Analysis Tools

App Growing

Mobile Marketing Analytics Platform

Marketing Analytics

  • Ad creatives in best advertising sources
  • Real-time ad intelligence in iOS/Android system
  • Marketing campaign attribution

App Store Marketing Toolbox

  • Search real time bidding keywords in ASM
  • Monitor updates of associated words
  • Overview of ad periods and times of hot keywords

Real time app store charts

  • Up-to-date top free/paid app rankings in App Store
  • 7/24 monitoring App Store ranking update time
  • App charts, reviews, keywords, etc.


Social Marketing Data Analysis Platform

Ad Creatives Searching

  • More than 40M popular ad creatives
  • Video recognition tech ensures data precise and objectives
  • Algorithms help advertisers recognize hot videos

KOLs Ranking

  • More than 4M top influencers
  • 26 vertical industry categories

Marketing Activities Monitoring

  • Real-time word of mouth& competitor trends
  • Industry trends and competitor analysis
  • 7/24 monitoring ad performances



MARVEL-Contest of Champions

The Challenge

Kabam, a world leader of developing multiplayer games for mobile devices, has collaborated with Youmi to drive installs. The goal was to promote Kabam's marvel game as a preferred choice when game enthusiasts explore a mobile fighting game


Targeted marvel lovers and game players with the help of user-persona targeting capabilities and entice them to click and install


The campaign saw the click-through rates jumped to 2% with $2.5 costs per install, exceeding Kabam's expectations. This is attributed to the professional targeting strategies and enticing personalized creatives, which drive engagement rates


Apple Music

The Challenge

Apple music has partnered with Youmi, a leading independent ad network in China, with an intention of increasing subscribers with $40 costs per trail. New subscribers get a three-month free trial period before the service requires a monthly subscription.


Chose a right media channel whose tonality is same with Apple Music and optimized ad creatives based on engagement.
Optimizations on various dimensions, like city, interests, timing of the ad across the day, etc


Youmi's creative optimization proved effective in lowering costs per trial and increasing conversion rate, which ensured that Apple Music can get a large number of subscribers with lower costs than average