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Imagine you have to tailor up to 100 campaigns with different landing pages and keep up their split tests. It might drive you crazy, right? At this point, our smartlink comes in as one link for all campaigns, which effectively shortening the process of offer optimization.

No More Wasting Your Traffic

Are your site getting untargeted traffic for some reason? Oftentimes, web visitors end up on your site by accident, possibly because they typed wrong but associated words. In this case, our smarlink comes in as a guide person redirecting those visitors to where they should be located immediately.

Boost Your Revenue

Sometimes, traffic sources don't function as you expect or traffic you bought isn't intended. If smartlink comes here and remove the middle man, redirecting the traffic to the corresponding landing pages and offers, then every segment your traffic can get converted and monetized. Why don't have a try?


Based on visitor's geos, devices, carriers, connection types, etc., our in-house developed machine learning algorithm will automatically determine the most matched combination (landing page and offer) and show them your campaigns. The rest of traffic will be automatically sent to other combinations for further analytics.

Moreover, EVERY 20mins, all traffic will be segmented and redirected to various types like in-app traffic, pop & redirects traffic, interstitial traffic, untargeted traffic and any traffic.

In-App Traffic
Pop & Redirect
Interstitial Traffic
Untargeted Traffic
Remnant Traffic


In-house offer in top verticals

Over 10,000 premium offers across the globe in our ad inventory

Maximum eCPM

You can get the highest possible payouts by deploying our in-house developed automation and algorithm. It will segment user data according to a wide array of parameters

Timely payments

Rest assured that you will get a timely payout after you choose your preferred revenue model and payout schedule

In-depth data report

Analysis report on smarlink performance will sent to you every week. If you've got a lot of volume for a segment of traffic, our AM will conduct split tests and data report will tell you which ones earn you the most

5% referral commission

Earn extra 5% referral commission of the revenue on the condition that you share your share your exclusive referral link to others and he/she signs up and starts running

* Terms & Conditions apply?

It's applied to affiliates only. The accounting period is 6 months from the day when the recommened affiliate starts sending traffic. Only the direct referall can receive the referral commission (That is, if A recommend our SmartLink to B and B signs up through A's referral link, A can receive 5% of B's revenue. Afterwards, if B recommend our SmartLink to C, B can receive 5% of C's revenue, but A cannot receive.

Dedicated support squad

You can easily get your quality traffic started running and converting with the guidance of our dedicated support squad.


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